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Sunship III

Sunship III £13.95


Perception and choice for the journey ahead.

Duration 3 days
Participants Aged 13-14 years
Staffing Minimum of three plus support
Season Spring, Summer, Autumn
Site A partly wooded site 2 acres (or more) and access to another nearby natural site

SUNSHIP III (the Earth - third planet from the Sun) is in trouble. Can the choices we make in our everyday lives help to lessen our impact on the natural world?

This programme is aimed at teenagers and from the dramatic opening ceremony right through to the quest for truth,adventure and harmony, it certainly grabs and holds the attention of this age group. After a formal introdunction at the opening ceremony, the group witness the harmonious and disruptive sides of human beings, through a character known as PC. At Registration everyone recieves a chequebook and has to account for all their energy and material requirements during the programme - for example: taking a shower, using a camera or using cosmetics.

Some highlights include:

The four Conceptual Encounters dealing with the concepts of Energy Flow, Cycles (of air, water and soil), Interrelationships and Change. These are:

  • Solarville (Energy Flow)

    - The participants journey from the sun to the Earth and along a food chain discovering as they go how much energy is used at each stage. Later, they meet Mario in the Pizza Parlour and discover the hidden costs when ordering their own special pizza.
  • Cycle Factory (Cycles)

    - The group go to work at the cycle factory. They take part in the cycles that keep all life going by working to get air, water and soil to a tree to help it grow.
  • Temple of SOL (Interrelationships)

    - The youngsters visit the reconstructed ruins of a people who lived long ago and hear a story of their search for interrelationships that tie all life together. The following morning they decipher hieroglyphics to find out more about these connections and recreate the interactions that keep life going.
  • Museum Project (Change)

    - Some old crates are found and opened by the participants. Once unpacked, they discover a number of items from a long forgotten museum exhibit. They then reconstruct the exhibit, adding a present day section, to learn about the incredible changes one place can go through over time.


  • An Immersing Experience (Objet Trouve)

    Groups of youngsters go to different habitats in the local area in search of natural objects which they borrow to help set up an art exhibition. They then attend the grand opening and finally, return the natural objects to where they came from.
  • The Endangered Species Ceremony

    is a powerful night time experience where the group witness a number of endangered species asking death why the humans are killing them.

Would you like to get involved?

CENTRES: If you are at (or know of) a centre that may be interested in running the Sunship III programme, please contact the Programmes Coordinator to find out what you need to do.

PARENTS / TEACHERS: If you are a parent / teacher and would like your children to participate in the Sunship III programme, please contact the Programmes Coordinator to find out where your nearest Sunship III Training Centre is.

VOLUNTEERS: If you would like to gain more experince of Earth Education activities (maybe with a view to running them yourself), please contact the Programmes Coordinator to find out about current opportunities.

More Information

Sunship III Information Pack(203KB PDF)

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