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Sunship Earth

Sunship Earth £15.95

Sunship Earth

An Earth Education programme for getting to know your place in space.

Duration 5 days
Participants Aged 10-11 years
Staffing Minimum of 5 leaders plus support
Season Spring, Summer, Autumn
Site A partly wooded site 2 acres (or more) and access to another nearby natural site

Sunship Earth is a programme of structured activities for 10 - 11 years olds, taking place over 5 days. The programme can be based at a residential centre or run as a series of daily, non-residential visits.

This is the most comprehensive earth education programme available today. The programme sets out over five days to awaken the feelings and understandings that will help young people better fulfill their responsibilities as crew members and passengers of Sunship Earth.

Some highlights include:

  • 15 Concept Path activities - focusing on the ecological concepts of energy flow, cycles, diversity, community, interrelationships, change, and adaptation, remembered by the formula EC-DC-IC-A.
  • Discovery Parties - exploring natural areas in a free-wheeling, fun-filled fashion.
  • Earthwalk activities (in "Touch the Earth" format) - a light touch of nature presented in a non-identifying, non-discussing, non-threatening way.
  • Immersing Experiences - breaking through our personal barriers to more fully experience the natural world.


  • A Student Passport and Log Book
  • Disguise-Removing Techniques
  • "Magic Spots"
  • "Welcome Aboard" and "Journey Home" ceremonies.

Would you like to get involved?

CENTRES: If you are at (or know of) a centre that may be interested in running the Sunship Earth programme, please contact the Programmes Coordinator to find out what you need to do.

PARENTS / TEACHERS: If you are a parent / teacher and would like your children to participate in the Sunship Earth programme, please contact the Programmes Coordinator to find out where your nearest Sunship Earth Training Centre is.

VOLUNTEERS: If you would like to gain more experince of Earth Education activities (maybe with a view to running them yourself), please contact the Programmes Coordinator to find out about current opportunities.

More Information

Sunship Earth Information Pack(209KB PDF)

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