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Earthkeepers £12.95


Four keys for helping young people live in harmony with the earth.

Duration 3 days
Participants Aged 10-11 years
Staffing Minimum of one leader plus support
Season Spring, Summer, Autumn
Site A partly wooded site 2 acres (or more) and access to another nearby natural site

Earthkeepers is a programme of structured activities for 10-11 years olds, taking place over 3 days. The programme can be based at a residential centre or run as a series of daily, non-residential visits.

The participants will not only discover how life functions ecologically on the earth, but also find out how they are both a part of our environmental problems and their solutions. The success of the programme is enhanced by the use of props and other dramatic devices.

This programme supports and enhances the National Curriculum by focusing on the ecological concepts of Energy Flow, Cycles (of air, water and soil), Interrelationships and Change. It is particularly relevant to Science, Geography and English. The second half of the programme takes place back in school and at home, where the young people are encouraged to examine their own lifestyle and reduce their impact on the earth and its diminishing resources.

During Earthkeepers the participants will be rewarded with four real keys, as they complete each stage of the programme. These keys open real locks on wooden boxes containing the secret meanings of E.M. E.M. is a mysterious character who is never seen, and is the keeper of the keys. E.M. is everyone's dream of the wizard of the woods who loves to share the marvels and mysteries of the natural worls with others in special ways.

Earthkeepers is designed to be offered during any season, and can be run with one leader and one assistant for aclass of 36 pupils. The site will require some natural open space and includes evening activities. It is also flexible enough to be part of a 4-5 day stay.

Some highlights include:

The four Conceptual Encounters

  • Mother Nature's Munch Room(Energy Flow)

    - A visit to Mother Nature's Munch Room involves training to help create put together some real-life food chains.
  • The Great Specktacle (Cycles)

    - Taking a journey with "specks" of the Earth's materials - air, water and soil- leads to a close encounter with a dinosaur!
  • Connection Inspection (Interrelationships)

    - Ever thought about what a food web looks like? The Connector Inspector has that (and everyone) all tied up.
  • Time Capsules (Change)

    - Following some maps leads to the discovery of some old, wooden boxes full of artefacts that help the young people to visualise their place in Earth's history.


  • An Earthwalk

    for sharpening senses and encouraging firsthand contact with the natural world in new and exciting ways.
  • An Immersing Experience(Seasons)

    - The participants help each other to experience a typical day in the current season by acting it outusing senses other than their sight. This all takes place in an open-air 'theatre'.

Would you like to get involved?

CENTRES: If you are at (or know of) a centre that may be interested in running the Earthkeepers programme, please contact the Programmes Coordinator to find out what you need to do.

PARENTS / TEACHERS: If you are a parent / teacher and would like your children to participate in the Earthkeepers programme, please contact the Programmes Coordinator to find out where your nearest Earthkeepers Training Centre is.

VOLUNTEERS: If you would like to gain more experince of Earth Education activities (maybe with a view to running them yourself), please contact the Programmes Coordinator to find out about current opportunities.

More Information

Earthkeepers Information Pack(200KB PDF)

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